Oct 24

Are you ready for the Aloha Classic?

I am just about to leave for the Aloha Classic registration so to receive and an from Continent 7 and see that their interview with has just been published is pretty motivating!

I will update more later but for now check out the interview HERE

More to follow..

Sep 02

Portuguese Event Poster

Very pleased to have had my shot used in the poster for the recent wave event in Portugal, a place that I love but have not visited for some time, I must plan to go back soon! I would like to have attended the event but it clashed with AWT this year, maybe next time!

The shot was taken at Hookipa this past spring by resident photographer JIMMIE HEPP.

More to follow…

Aug 13

Back on Maui but not for long…

Last week I arrived back into OGG after a great week in Mexico with the AWT, as typical it was straight back into work and I didn’t see the outside for a week so it was great to have a few waves at the weekend. OK waves is stretching it a little and Jimmie’s pictures make it look better, its a good job that Jimmie doesn’t post videos each day as his images are flattering!

It is great to think that waves are only a month away and for most hanging out on the North Shore of Maui they cannot come soon enough, while many have traveled in search of summer action many have to stay year round to work and be with families etc.

In Mexico I tried a new board and I must admit it has been riding really well, a lot wider than I have been using and really loose on the wave, it is always great to try new things.

Funny picture this one, love how the pink of the sail is reflected into the water and love how you cannot see the board at all, not sure I survived this encounter!

Looking ahead I am off to Peru in a week for the next leg of the AWT but more of that to follow… also making plans to go to the UK for a month and maybe some Cornwall action, a place where surprisingly (being from the UK) I have hardly ever sailed!

More to follow…

Jun 17

EPIC summer so far on Maui

Since returning from a rather disappointing result at the first AWT event of 2013 (disappointing because of my epic failure to advance) I was motivated to boost my performance a little and luckily the conditions have been really good the past couple of weeks. With a range of jumping and riding along coast the few remaining on the island have really been making the most of it.

Originally I was booked to fly to the AWT round #2 at Pistol River but I cancelled at the last minute opting to save money and concentrate on work, following my dismal performance at the last event I wanted to brush up a few things before getting back on Tour and knowing that Pistol would not suit my sailing I figured I would stay home and get ready for Mexico, Peru (possibly) and other events.

The Maui Race Series is in town at the moment and as with the AWT I passed on it this week after missing the first event while on AWT duty, I will get back on the slalom board and be ready for the next one in 2 weeks time.

Apr 27

The first time is always best – Cover #1

It was a great surprise to receive an email from Jakub of Windsurfer Magazine (Slovakia/Slovenia) on Thursday letting me know that I had been chosen for the cover of the magazine which went on the shelves on Friday 26th April. This is the first time that I have scored a cover shot for a magazine so you can imagine how stoked I am this week! Thanks to Jimmie for the photo and all that make this possible!

The photo was taken at Ho’okipa on the 7th April 2013 by Jimmie Hepp, check out his photos and start dreaming of Hawaii!

In a month when virtually every other print magazine chose an image of Robby for their cover it gives me great honor to have one of my own. This certainly gives me motivation to sail harder than ever and try to raise my game a little to get some better pictures.

More to follow…

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