Mar 18

Well Deserved :)

Following an interesting few days nothing could have been better than a pint of Guinness on St. Patrick's Day in the pub next to my brother's house!

We woke up this morning eager to hear what has been happening in Bahrain. It seems that there was not too much action yesterday or overnight but the situation seems rather unstable and tense. We are both missing our beautiful view and are rather cold and getting used to the English rain already!

What’s more when we left Bahrain it was sunny, windy and 28C, now we are back in the UK it is cold, raining and windless! At least I can check out big brother’s equipment store… it is rather better than mine, doubt he’ll notice if I smuggle a couple of boards away!

We are both working hard to ensure that our students have some materials and activities to keep them busy. This morning I have been chatting to students some of them now in the UK, some in India, some staying in Bahrain and numerous other variations. I set up a website for Liz’s students this morning and mine are used to working online with my website so lessons will go on, the true Global School :)

It seems as though many ex-pats have left but also still many there. The FCO chartered a plane yesterday to Dubai but priced it too high and no Brits took them up on the offer becuase those wishing to leave were like us able to book a commerical flight. The FCO is chartering a flight from Bahrain to London today for £310 each for those interested.

What is the most difficult thing is that we just don’t know where we stand, what will happen, we just hope everything is back to normal soon so that we can get back to work. It is hard to get a clear picture of what is going on, where we live is extremely quiet, in other areas there are still reports of gun fire and tanks on the streets. It really depends on which media reports you look at, very interesting to see the different view points.

More to follow…

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