Feb 19

I waited a long time for this!

Over the past few weeks I have started to see some significant progress with my knee, I could feel that it was getting stronger although still painful at the direction of my physio I continued to push a little harder. It does seem that the hard work is now starting to pay off. Last week marked 8 weeks since I injured left knee and I knew that things must be getting back close to normal soon.

I must admit I getting a little bit of a handful not being on the water, thanks to Liz for her patience and the arrival of my mother on the island gave me an added boost to get back on the water. I wanted to ensure that I was a little protected so began the search for a good knee brace which I will elaborate more on in an upcoming post. Brace in hand my plan was to get a few minutes on the water to see how things were progressing. I was hoping for some light wind wave riding but we ended up with windy and choppy conditions (12th Feb), not the best but I was determined to be out there so last weekend I got everything together and made the trek to the beach, 20 minutes was the plan, 4 waves and 25 minutes later I was pleased that the first test was over and not too much pain or soreness but I could certainly feel the weakness so back into the gym for some more work.

Thursday (16th Feb) I planned on working from the beach for the afternoon, with a  few waves and plenty of wind Paul Zeper and I made the short journey from our Hot Sails Maui office to Kanaha, again not the conditions that I was hoping for but certainly a good test. Rigging my 4.3m FireLIGHT I was certainly a little nervous as I did not want to put too much strain on my body but the excitement of being on the water soon put that to rest! I was pleased with the session, a few late smacks of the Kanaha crumbles, a few aerials and while I could feel that the side to side motion was painful I was quietly ecstatic that I was on the water having fun with friends, despite the plan to sail for an hour, it must have been more like two. A little sore I went straight to the gym, seems that a good 30-40 minutes on the bike really makes the difference and while sore on Friday nothing was too bad.

With these two tests out of the way I was thinking about getting back to Ho’okipa at the weekend and yesterday while rainy, windy and small waves I was stoked to be back out there. To be honest it was a little too bumpy, coming down the face of the wave and absorbing the chop was a little too much for my front leg so I took it very easy and had a short session with no major issues. Pleased to get a couple of fun photos from Jimmie, great to be back in his lens.

Looking forward I am taking this very slowly, I will not be rushing back to a full sailing schedule just yet, but the sailing does actually seem to be promoting further healing and strengthening too so it is a balance. I would be nowhere without my brace at the moment so thanks to the guys at McDavid! It looks like some windy and small wave conditions for the next week so I will plan on a couple of outings and see how things go. I will also be testing a couple of different braces to see which gives the best comfort, protection and confidence.

With a winter plaged by two injuries and over 3 months on the sidelines I have not really made the progress that I was hoping for, I am now hoping for a great Spring season so that I can make up some lost ground. While always fit and in the gym I have decided to commit more time to my off water training in the hope that I can reduce further injuries, I really don’t want a third just yet!

More to follow…

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